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Fun Roadtrip Games To Play In The Car

Fun Roadtrip Games To Play In The Car

Road trips are great opportunities to make fun memories with your family or friends. However, it is easy to become restless or bored when you are stuck in a car for several hours at a time. Here are a few entertaining games to play in the car to keep your mind sharp and occupied.


The Song Game


The song game is both entertaining and fun. You’ll want to turn off your radio. Don’t worry if you aren’t a great singer; it will actually adds to the fun.


How to play: Someone begins the game by singing part of a song, any song. Choose a word from the song and come up with a different song with the same word in it and sing it back. (You must sing at least 7 different consecutive words, including the chosen word, for your song to count.) The person who responded first then picks a new word and they continue this cycle. If the players get stumped and can’t think of a song with the chosen word they can challenge whoever picked the word. The person challenged must then sing a new song that also contains the word they picked.


The Alphabet Game

This one works great if there are lots of road signs, billboards, or you are driving through lots of populated towns and cities. There are several versions of this game and the rules can be tweaked as necessary.

Each person or each team, if you are playing on teams, looks for words on the road signs, billboards, etc. that start with every letter of the alphabet. However, they must start at the beginning of the alphabet and continue in alphabetical order. The only modifications to this being that if you find a word starting with the letter ‘q’ you can check that one off anytime. A word does not have to start with ‘x’, it just has to have ‘x’  in it. The first one to get through the entire alphabet wins. The same word on the same sign cannot be used by more than one player or team, so speed and great eyesight are advantages.


The Banana Game

From How Stuff Works: “If you're looking for a game that doesn't require a lot of thought, try the Banana Game. Keen observation is the only skill required. The first person who spots a passing yellow vehicle gets points. You can award points based on the size or make of the car. For instance, a yellow school bus might be worth five points, and a yellow sports car might be worth two.

“Another way to heighten the competition is to put a limit on the time you have to spot bananas. For example, the winner of the game could be the person who spots the most bananas in 30 minutes. Or the winner could be the player who sees the largest cumulative number of yellow vehicles during your entire road trip.”


Share your favorite road trip games with us in the comments! Thanks for reading the Emerald Place Blog! We hope that you have a great month here in Hollywood, FL!