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Make the Most of the Remainder of Summer

Summer is quickly coming to a close, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop having fun! The warmer weather is still going to persist into the fall, so we recommend making some plans to do something. In this week’s The Club at Emerald Waters Blog, we’ve got a few suggestions on how you can spend the remainder of the summer so you don’t let it go to waste! These suggestions may require you to get out of your Hollywood, FL apartment, so brace yourself! 


Because the weather may not be changing somewhat come fall, we suggest going camping! Find a local campsite or head out past your city limits for your camping adventure! Invite a large group or handpick the people you want to go with, either way, invite some fun people you want to spend time with. Make sure to bring sufficient snacks, drinks, and activities to do while camping. Remember that while camping, it’s best if you put your phone down and enjoy the time you have with your friends and in the outdoors. 

Water Parks

Hot days will come and go, but here in Florida, you’re bound to have more hot days than cold ones. Get out of the heat and cool off by going to a water park! Have fun splashing around and enjoying the water! Slides and wave pools are the perfect way to cap off your summer. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen to protect your skin!

Outdoor Movies

If you aren’t in the mood to go out and get exhausted camping or going to the water park, you can spend an evening watching an outdoor movie! If you’re going to do it yourself, you’ll need a projector, a surface to project on (if you don’t have a surface like that, you can rig a screen with some PVC pipe and a big sheet. Don’t forget the popcorn and drinks!