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Thanksgiving Day Activities

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Thanksgiving is a time for friends and family to gather, but it goes beyond just sitting at a meal table having a meal! Finding something to do before you head to your Thanksgiving plans can be difficult, which is why we’re sharing a short list of activities you can do to stay you busy in this week’s The Club at Emerald Waters Blog. 

Write Thank You Notes

Since it’s the season of Thanksgiving, a good practice is to write thank you notes to people who have made an impact in your life. When you’re writing each note, think of the reason why you’ve been inspired to say thank you and highlight that reason in the note itself. Make these notes as personal as possible while sincerely expressing gratitude toward the recipient. If at all possible, hand deliver these thank you notes. Otherwise, sending them via post will suffice. 

Turkey Bowl

Playing American football before a Thanksgiving meal is a tradition among many families in the United States. Invite some friends to a local park to play some football! Remember that the goal of this activity is to have fun, so ensure that rules are set and that safety practices are in place so people don’t get hurt while having fun. If your family and friends are competitive, you can set up teams and play for a prize! 

Watch a Movie

If you’re not wanting to do much of anything on the holiday, you can put on a movie! Try to find a fall movie like A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. Pop some popcorn and snuggle up into a blanket! Depending on when your Thanksgiving meal is, you can fit a few movies, but if your family or friends need help in the kitchen, help them out first, then watch a movie. 


Do you have any activities you do during Thanksgiving? Share them with our Hollywood, FL apartment community, we’d love to hear from you!